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Sam Bravo - Sir Joseph Porter


Bodhi Tree Concerts:  Please speak to your time studying with Craig Johnson (playing the Captain in H.M.S. Pinafore) at PLNU?


Anthony:  Dr. Johnson is as fantastic a mentor and teacher as he is a singer. The two are his core passions and they mirror eachother in the fact that his voice and his steadfast character both stay with you in the best of ways after you've been exposed to them. He has truly been blessed with a voice, not just to sing, but a voice that influences, shapes, and molds the lives of those he comes in contact with. When I struggled most to keep music woven into my life as a finance major and rugby player in college, Dr. Johnson always pushed me to learn that extra aria, to spend that extra hour practicing in the dungeon, to never settle for anything less than pouring myself wholeheartedly into my music. He's one of the reasons I still sing today and love every second of it. 


BTC:  How is it to perform with your teacher?


AWM:  Performing with Dr. J is an absolute blast. He is an excellent performer and a seasoned thespian, so I know whatever I bring to the other half of the stage has to be top notch. It's very exciting to be able to put what he teaches so well into practice on the same stage right next to him. 


BTC:  How has Dr. Johnson helped prepare you for your roll?


AWM:  Dr. J is extremely insightful when it comes to infusing character and music. He helps by provoking the emotional layers of character development then helps work step by step in connecting the pieces of character identity into each phrase and lyric of music so that no songs are just sung, they're performed. They're believable to the audience but also to yourself. G&S is always a lot more lighthearted, obviously, so it's been a lot of fun to poke at character development in this method. 

BTC:  Do you have a favorite G&S show and if so, what is it?

AWM:  Absolutely The Mikado. There's something about that play and setting that just kills me every time. 

BTC:  Who/What are your inspirations in life?


AWM:  My faith is a significant roll in the way I work towards my goals, treat others with respect, and try to make the most out of every situation.  My three favorite singers who have had the most influence on me are Michael Buble, Elvis Presley, and Pavarotti (Though Bryn Terfel gets a close 4th, Jonas Kaufman 5th, and Freddie Mercury 6th of course). 

BTC:  You go to school in Point Loma - name your favorite place to eat.


AWM:  Ortiz's taco shop followed in a close second by Cotijas right next door (On Volataire). Ortiz's just has the superior quality of ingredients that makes in the winner.



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