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Chad Frisque - F.A.B / Tenor

A member of The White Knight Committee that saved San Diego Opera, local tenor Chad Frisque continues to work with Southern California organizations to promote and perform cultured events for local audiences. A member of the Bodhi Tree Concerts board of directors, Chad strives to present concerts that matter to local audiences, while hiring and promoting Southern Californian artists. A past member of the San Diego Opera Ensemble and a past Associate Director of Marketing for San Diego Opera, Chad has worked on, off and in front of the stage, teaching and expressing his love for the arts with patrons and new opera audience members.

Education is the first step to understanding fine culture: fine art, food, music or wine. Audiences enjoy these things individually all the time, why not combine them for a new
perspective and appreciation? Sure, there has to be a clear foundation, relevance and perspective for audiences to appreciate what we do as artists but, nothing that is threatening or off-putting to existing or new audiences. Chad works to provide an fun and exciting experience for patrons to enjoy mixed-media culture: music, art, food and drink. Through these events, audiences will gain new perspective and appreciation for our local treasures and our audience base will grow.

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