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Julien Cantlem, Drums

Based in San Diego, Julien Cantelm is highly sought after for his versatile, creative, and unique drumming. Born into a musical family, Julien’s journey began at a young age. His father a percussionist and his uncle, bassist for the Pittsburgh Symphony, introduced the violin to Julien around the age of 4 before moving on to acoustic guitar and drums around the age of 11. Julien has toured extensively with both national and international projects.


Notable collaborations -

Geoffrey Keezer / Peter Sprague / Chico Pinheiro / The Danny Green Trio / Josh Nelson / Joshua White / Sheila E. and Pete Escovedo / Matt Pierson Sear Sound NYC / Eva Scow / Marcos Silva / Ian Faquini / Fabiano Do Nascimento / Rebecca Kleinmann / Sam Gendel / Dusty Brough / Kelp Giant / Eric Marienthal / Scott Thompson / Victor Baker Guitar's NYC / Natalie Cressman


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