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Isabella Valenzuela - Ensemble (she/her)

Isabella Valenzuela was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and has had a love for art since womb-evacuation day. She enjoys drawing, writing, and occasionally dabbles in animation. She began dancing flamenco and folklorico when she was only four years old with Dance Arts Academy. From then on, she would perform at various festivals, ranging from small community events, to big ones such as the Del Mar Fair and the Fringe Festival. After seven years with Dance Arts, Isabella moved on with Paloma De Centre Arte Flamenco when she was twelve years old. She would then dedicate most of her days to only flamenco. She continued to perform for Bodhi Tree Concerts, a non profit organization that is dedicated to sharing the performing arts to the world. She participated in flamenco shows and operas with them since she was very young, and still does to this day. She has been in shows such as Tears of the Knife, Brundibar, and The Little Sweep. Her experience in multiple dance forms would start in her freshman year of high school, when she joined Helix’s beginning dance team. Joining the team is what truly sparked her love for other dance forms. Over quarantine, Isabella learned a lot about dance through tutorials online and K-POP dance practices. Eventually, she gained confidence in more upbeat styles, and adores dances of the hip-hop variety. As of 2022, Isabella has changed flamenco studios once more, and now dances with Flamenco Sud in Liberty Station. She’s in Helix Charter High School’s Junior company dance team, and is trying her best to improve everyday. She hopes to always participate in things having to do with art and the performing arts, until the very end when she ‘Luke Skywalkers’ out of here.

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