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More about ARTS A Reason to SURVIVE

ARTS is dedicated to creating a movement behind the importance of the arts as a prevention and intervention vehicle to create positive transformation in children and youth facing adversity. We accomplish this through a 3 prong approach:


Working directly with youth using our “Heal, Inspire, Empower” program model and framework. This sequential model is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and provides therapeutic arts programming, arts education, and college and/or career readiness.

Our services include:
     • ARTS Centers
     • Artists-in-Residencies
     • Community Art Projects
     • Van Go! Transportation
     • ARTS Enterprises



Taking all the knowledge, experience, and resources we’ve gathered over the years, ARTS provides services to individuals, organizations, and institutions to support and strengthen arts programs that heal, inspire, or empower children and youth.

Our services include:
• Trainings and Certifications
• Consulting
• Back office support and fiscal sponsorships



Leveraging our position and recognition in the community as a leader in this movement, ARTS uses the power of creativity, community organizing, and multi-media to create a dialogue, awareness, and action to ensure that children and youth have access to the arts as a way to improve their lives and the communities they live.




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