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The Veterans Valor Fund was founded to address the unique employment issues facing military service members and veterans as they transition out of the military. The Veterans Valor Fund seeks not to get veterans employed in jobs, but in careers, in vocations. Job listings and expos targeting veterans already exist. Sadly, veteran unemployment persists and will increase due to additional upcoming drawdowns of the armed forces. We take the longer view.


The Veterans Valor Fund believes that to achieve the goal of fulfilling career employment for veterans, many steps are required. Programs must be developed that both train veterans in in-demand vocational skills and entrepreneurship, as well as assist and follow through in getting veterans placed in employment matching their skills and talents. The Veterans Valor Fund will use its resources to help develop new programs, provide financial assistance to existing programs that can be calibrated to assist veterans unique needs, and finally most importantly, to provide funding directly to the veterans themselves for support to pursue these vocational programs. With this support, veterans can gain the skills needed to secure a job, or to start their own business and they can apply to us for small loans to get their businesses started.

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