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Tyler J. Borden - Cello

A dedicated purveyor of modern music, TYLER J. BORDEN has performed with contemporary luminaries such as the JACK Quartet, Tony Conrad, Steve McCaffery, and Ensemble Offspring (Australia). He has performed at Alvin Lucier’s 85th Birthday Festival (Switzerland), Musikprotokall (Austria), June in Buffalo, Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Germany), VIPA Festival (Spain), Queens New Music Festival (NYC), and the MATA Inteval Series (NYC).


Tyler has worked with established composers like Brian Ferneyhough, La Monte Young, and Alvin Lucier, but he is particularly interested in the music of his generation and has worked extensively with young composers such as Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Paul Hembree, Ben Isaacs, Hunjoo Jung, Catherine Lamb, and Rob Phillips.


Currently, he is a core member of [Switch~ Ensemble], a group that focuses on the performance of electroacoustic works and has worked closely with several composers, including Philippe Leroux, James Bean, and Timothy McCormack.


As a creative force, Tyler regularly collaborates in various capacities, most of which are oriented around improvisation. He has performed in that capacity throughout North America and Europe and his improvisations were included in Guggenheim Fellow Kasumi’s film "Shockwaves". Tyler J. Borden grew up in Rochester, NY and studied at Ithaca College and SUNY Buffalo, where his primary cello teachers were Elizabeth Simkin and Jonathan Golove, respectively. He is currently pursuing his DMA at UC San Diego with Charles Curtis.

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