Victoria Mature - Singer/Actor

Victoria is a San Diego-based classically trained singer,
the recipient of national competitions and enjoys an
international career. She earned her B.A. in Music from
the University of California at San Diego and is a certified
instructor of the Alexander Technique.


She regularly enjoys the roles of Actor, Fight Choreographer, Director, Producer, and Costume Designer and brought all these skills to bear on a 4th grade production of Macbeth complete with staff battles and sword fights. Victoria appeared as Rosalind in a feature film adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It as well as in stage productions of many Shakespeare and contemporary


In addition to performing, for the past 5 years
Victoria has been helping keep her dad’s films in the
public eye by attending and introducing his movies at
classic film festivals both at home and around the world,
including TCM Classic Film Festival (Hollywood), Film
Geeks San Diego, Noir City Film Festival (San Francisco)
and Noir Film Fest (Czechia.)


Victoria also spent several years living in Italy getting to know her extended family and singing at funerals, on mountaintops, in concert halls…and if it wasn’t for that avalanche, she would have sung in an igloo!