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Jason Ponce - Trash Talk Theater

Jason Ponce is a San Francisco based intermedia artist, musician, and interactive arts researcher. Coming from a highly interdisciplinary background, Ponce brings elements of design, engineering, and scientific inquiry to his creative work, which ranges from music, interactive sound and video installation, realtime sound and video processing, multi-channel audio spatialization, instrument-building, and performance.

His work overall is unified by a deep curiosity about the multitude of technological objects that surround us, and the many ways they shape and inform our understanding of the world. In particular, he is motivated by the prospect of augmenting encounters with art and music via interactive technologies that meaningfully link technology with the human body.

As a musician, his creative practice embraces composition, contemporary opera, improvisation, acousmatics, noise, and microsound. For the past ten years he has been active in the experimental music scenes in NYC, Berlin, Los Angeles, and San Diego, performing at creative hubs like Issue Project Room (NYC), Roulette (NYC), Poisson Rouge (NYC), Redcat (LA), Ballhaus (Berlin), LOOP (Berlin), and HCL (Chicago). He has worked closely with many prominent figures in contemporary music, including Grammy award winners Susan Narucki and Lei Lang, and Pulitzer prize winner John Luther Adams, for whom he has designed permanent multi-channel sound installations.

Jason’s installations, performances and concerts have been presented at numerous festivals in the United States and in Europe, and during artist residencies at the Studio for Electo-Instrumental Music (STEIM, Netherlands), Studio für elektroakustische Musik (SEAM, Bauhaus Universität, Weimar), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (UC Berkeley), and High Concept Laboratories (Chicago).


For this Bodhi Tree Concerts production, Jason is delighted to adapt for the stage the technology he developed for his interactive cinema project TrashTalk Theater. [http://trashtalktheater.comemptyset.org

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