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Ines Irawati - Piano

BTC: Who is your musical hero and why?

Ines Irawati: I admire people like Joyce DiDonato and Yo Yo Ma, who are not only incredible artists, but who are active in making classical music accessible and continue to educate people about the beauty and the importance of this art form.


BTC: Who is your hero and why?

Ines: Teachers, who strive for their students to excel and who empower them to make the world a better place.

BTC: What is your favorite local restaurant and why?


Ines: Takhrai Thai and Lappert's Ice Cream, both in Poway, next to each other.  Both have fantastic food which my family love, and very friendly and personable service.  We go there once a week.

BTC: Do you have a favorite charity? If so, what it is and why?


Ines: I don't have one favorite charity, but I do like charities which empower children/young kids and women, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters America and WomenOnWings

BTC: Can you describe a professional highlight or tell a story from your career that our readers would love to hear?

Ines: I once was asked to come and work with Denyce Graves, the great mezzo-soprano, on a day-notice, to help her prepare a role for a new opera called Champion.  What a wonderful and down to earth person she was, and what a voice!

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