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BUY A SONG ($100 donation)

Your requested songs make up the second half of the show!

  • Name listed in program next to sponsored song

  • Reserved seating with ticket purchase

  • Tax deduction

To "Buy a Song", make selection (or two) from list below, tap "Buy a Song" button, and be sure to type in your song title once you get to the payment page.

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General (Pirates of Penzance)

I Am the Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance)

Poor Wandering One (Pirates of Penzance)

Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast (Pirates of Penzance)

Hail Poetry (Pirates of Penzance)

With Cat Like Tread (Pirates of Penzance)

When I Was a Lad (HMS Pinafore)

I Am the Captain of the Pinafore (HMS Pinafore)

We Sail the Ocean Blue (HMS Pinafore)

He Is an Englishman (HMS Pinafore)

Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing (HMS Pinafore)

I’ve Got a Little List (The Mikado)

If You Want to Know Who We Are? (The Mikado)

I Am So Proud [chippy chopper trio] (The Mikado)

When Our Gallant Norman Foes (The Yeoman of the Guard)

The Nightmare Song [Love unrequited robs me of my rest] (Iolanthe)

Tripping Hither Tripping Thither (Iolanthe)

Then One of Us Will Be a Queen (The Gondoliers)

Dance the Cachucha (The Gondoliers)

WRITE-IN_____????_____ (must be approved by staff)

* Make checks payable to Bodhi Tree Concerts and mail to PO Box 1617 La Jolla, CA 92038

or use BUY A SONG link.

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