Simply use Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #intentionalkindness and share your kindess - large or small. We will randomly select participants and give away free tickets to our events every month! 

@BTC we try hard every day to support and highlight local artists


365 Days of Kindness 2020

Ideas of kindness,

to others, self & the world...


Smile at a Stranger

Recycle your Christmas Tree

Compliment a Stranger

Donate Food to a Food Drive

Let car/s into your lane

Call your Mom / Dad

Donate Clothes to a Shelter

Pick up garbage off the beach or street

Tip your barista

Read a book

Take in your neighbor's barrel

Go for a walk

Make a Donation to your favorite charity

Do Yoga

Buy lunch for a homeless person

Hold Doors Open

Bake for the local fire department

Bake for a local old folks home

Be a good listener

Be grateful

Sign up for a 5K to raise $$ for a good cause

Help a parent with a stroller

Adopt a rescue pet

Bring your own bags to the grocery store

Give up your seat on the bus or subway


Give a friend a hug

Use reusable coffee/water/soda cups

Unplug electronic devices