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Princess Ida
Featuring Patricia McAfee


All Souls Church

1475 Chatsworth Blvd.



Ample FREE parking


Gilbert and Sullivan’s rarely performed operetta pokes fun at Victorian England plus a few jabs at women’s rights, arranged marriages, and of course cross dressing—all based on a poem by Tennyson if you can believe it.   In the title roll, BTC is excited to announce the renowned San Diego soprano - Patricia McAfee along with  a cast of local favorites including Chad Frisque and Walter DuMelle.  The concert will benefit Moxie Theatre.  MOXIE's mission is to create more diverse and honest images of women for our culture using the art of theatre. Through the production of primarily female playwrights and the special attention given to plays which defy the stereotypes of what women are writing about, MOXIE expands the idea of what is feminine


Concert to Benefit

MOXIE Theatre

100% of profits go to benefit each concert's charitable organization!

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