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HMS Pinafore



Please set your camera to film landscape (sideways), rather than portrait (lengthways).


Please do not stand in front of a window or a bright light, otherwise you’ll be in silhouette. It’s a cool effect, but we want to see your lovely face.



Dressed is always better, please wear whatever you feel is comfortable and appropriate.  We prefer solid color rather than bold and bright patterns.


Stand or Sit:

Generally it is better to stand for singing. It helps with breath support and also helps with your energy. If you would prefer to sit – that is totally ok. Whatever makes you most comfortable is what we want.



We don’t have to get all “Hollywood” but it’s nice to be well lit…. Some simple lighting tips will help avoid shadows!


If you record in daytime, you can use natural light (blue light).  Stand in front of your window, looking out, i.e. you’re facing the window.  So long as there are not weird shadows from outside (trees etc), you should look fine.


Artificial light (orange light). Some people have “ring lights.” These are pretty helpful. Ensure your recording camera is in the middle/center of the ring.  Outside of the ring it will create shadows. In the center of the ring, you’ll look perfect. Place ring light at face height, if at all possible. 


You can use regular lights you have in your home.  Try to have the light in front of you, never behind (silhouette issue). Do not shine the lights directly at your face, or again, you’ll get shadows.  You can easily diffuse the light by bouncing it off a nearby wall.  Place the light very close to the wall and shine it directly at the wall, and you can then bath in the light reflection, ensuring no shadows and minimizing wrinkles.  It’s a miracle!

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