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Christopher Stephens - Bass Baritone

BTC: Who is your hero and why?

Chris: My Hero would have to be my mom.  I know it is probably an oft given answer, but she is truly the nicest person I know and has spent her entire life giving of her time to both family and friends.  I love you mom!


BTC: Who are your musical inspirations and why?

CS: My musical inspirations are all across the board.  From principal artists on the opera stage to Freddie Mercury's vocals to Jeff Lynne's composing, I find musical inspiration from many corners.


BTC: What is a most favorite role and why?

CS: My favorite role is one that I have never had the opportunity to perform and that would be Javert from Les Miserables.  Not only do I love to sing his signature song "Stars" I understand the internal conflict he has and he is definitely not your typical antagonist.


BTC: Tell us about a recent show you have seen locally that what memorable

CS: Chad Frisque and friends annual songfest in La Jolla has always been a fun night with great singing and ambiance.


BTC: Do you have a favorite charity?

CS: While I have many charities that I give to that do amazing work, my current favorite charity is one called "Outdoor Outreach".  Being a vice principal during the day, I am drawn to their mission of "Connecting youth to the transformative powers of the outdoors to realize the positive attitude and behavioral changes that help them come happy, healthy, and successful adults." http://www.outdooroutreach.org/


BTC: Do you have a family member who is/was a veteran & can you share a story or some history with us?

CS:  My Great Uncle Barney - Harold Eugene Kuhn, SSGT US Army Air Forces, a WWll Vet and Purple Heart recipient


Harold Eugene Kuhn (Barney to his friends and family) was born on February 4, 1921 in Bradford, PA and graduated from high school in Friendship, NY. He enlisted in the Air Corp in December 1940.


He received his “Silver Gunner’s Wings” (insignia of the combat crews) and the rank of sergeant when he graduated from Harlingen Army Gunnery School located in the Rio Grande Valley. He was then transferred to Sub Air Base No. 1, Salt Lake City, Utah.


After intensive training, during which he practiced with everything from a BB gun to the powerful 50 caliber Brownings, he rated as an expert combat member of the Army Air Forces famous team of the “Four Flying Horsemen.” Each of these teams consisted of a gunner, bombardier, navigator and pilot.


SSGT Harold Kuhn was sent to New Guinea as a gunner/engineer on a B24 Liberator Bomber. About a month after arriving in New Guinea, the bomber crashed into the side of a mountain on August 31, 1943. Their remains were removed six years later and were buried in 1949 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.



Past BTC Shows: Premiere


CLICK HERE for Chris' Biography




Chad Frisque - Tenor


BTC: Who is your hero and why?

Chad: George Washington. I respect the hard work he put in during his life to attain the achievements he accomplished.  Even though he faced great adversity, he persevered through and successfully accomplished victory during the French and Indian War, many battles during the Revolutionary War, and the constant struggle to unite a young nation. When it looked like he wouldn't succeed, he did.  


BTC: Who are your musical inspiration/s and why?

CF: David Bowie.  I appreciated his approach to not just music, but performance, art and a combination of all of the mediums.  I appreciated his ability to always push himself outside the comfort zone and commercial viability 


BTC: Favorite role and why?

CF: There are many, but I've always loved deconstructing roles emotionally, to their basic level and building them back again.  I enjoy realism and trying to find things I know audiences can relate to and say, "Hmm, I never looked at it that way".  


BTC: Tell us about a recent show you have seen locally that what memorable/excellent...

CF: I never thought in a million years I would be the guy who liked doing concerts.  But, being a part of the White Knight Committee that saved San Diego Opera, I directly saw the impact our work had on San Diego Opera audiences and our donor base. Following that work, I began working to produce shows that keep the opera fire burning for our local audiences and introduced many new audiences to our Southern California talent pool.  Over the last couple years, we've raised thousands for local arts.  A portion of that money has made producing "All is Calm" a reality.  


BTC: Do you have a favorite charity?

CF: Boy Scouts of America.  As a Den Leader for Pack 625 in Poway, CA, I have the ability to directly impact boys.  I work to help those that struggle to fit in, to grow and become the men we want in our society.  I appreciate the structure of the programs, and really like seeing how much boys change over the years of being a Cub Scout and bridge (transition) to Boy Scouts.  The BSA programs have been around for a long time and touch so many lives in a positive manner. 


BTC: Do you have a veteran in your family? Can you share a story, history or a photo with Bodhi Tree Concerts?

CF: I have a few, but one that comes to mind is my Dad.  My father grew up in a remote area of Wisconsin.  He came from nothing and left home at an early age and like many depression-era children, he strove to make something out of his situation; something better.  He joined the Air Force as a 17 year old young man, and through persistence, and growth, he served in many capacities: at the Pentagon, in the Korean War, in Logistics, ultimately becoming a tactical training Pilot, flying T-37s, T-38s and his favorite, the Shooting Star, Lockheed Martin's T-33.  I loved hearing the stories of how he knew Francis Gary Powers.  How he worked to secure many of our assets during the Cuban Missile Crisis by flying jets to remote bases in North America.  My dad served 23 years and retired field grade as a Major in the United States Air Force.  


I lost my dad when I was 16 due to service related injuries, but before his passing I learned many things not limited to respect and pride for those that serve and have served, the positive outcome of hard work, and when things are not going as planned, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make a change.  His message was, "You can do anything in this world you put your mind to".  He taught me a lot and not a day goes by that I don't try to instill those beliefs in my children, my scouts and those around me. 


A little over a year ago, I decided to work on All is Calm and started working with Diana and Walter.  I guess through talking with my Dad, he quietly made the suggestion and I am glad I listened.  I could have never imagined how things have come together....it would sincerely not have been possible without Diana and Walter's help! I would like to our performances to all who've served, but most importantly, I would like to dedicate my performance in ALL IS CALM, to my father.  


Past BTC Shows: The Mikado, Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, Music from the Movies, Princess Ida & The Gondoliers


CLICK HERE for Chad's Biography


Photos of Chad's Father, Jack Frisque:




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